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yatching smallYachts are the pride and envy of the boating world.  To own one or to charter one is saying that you enjoy the absolute best, and there is nothing wrong with that!  They are large, luxurious, beautifully detailed and of course expensive.  These types of crafts and their owners do not want to skimp on quality for their investment...and only the best will do.

To keep these boats in pristine condition Dyna-Wipes for Boaters® is the best and only choice a yacht owner will need for quick clean up issues... from wiping streaks and stains or a quick buff to keep the white bright.  The convenience of these wipes is unsurpassed, as well as, their cleaning ability to keep the boat looking like new every time it’s taken out.  As yacht owners ourselves, we know you will love these wipes, and will have a container ready to use in every corner of your yacht.

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