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Security:  ONLINE Order Site:
We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information. We have instituted reasonable policies and security measures to protect the information you provide to us.  In accordance with current credit card security rules, credit card numbers are not kept "on file" for  re-orders.  This is for your protection in an attempt to reduce credit card  fraud.  We attempt use appropriate security measures to protect the information you provide to us. 
Security:  Responding to us via e-mail: 

You provide potential information when you search, post reviews, or use other methods of communication via our website or Email customerservice@theboaterswipe.com. As a result of those actions, you might supply us with such information as your name, address, and phone numbers.  When useing the e-mail site, be aware that, unlike our onlline ordering section, this site may be more vunerable.
Questions regarding our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Statement, or other policy related material can be directed to our support staff by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link in the side menu. Or you can email us at customerservice@theboaterswipe.com