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The Boaters Wipe!


Whether you own a Yacht, fishing or ski boat, as an owner you take pride in your boat as an investment.  Our Dyna-Wipes for Boaters® wipe is designed for boaters who want to keep their boats clean year after year.  We own boats for fun and pleasure, and a clean boat simply shows that you value your watercraft.  Dynacco has been producing cleaning products since 1980.  In 1997 we developed a premium cleaning wipe for challenging problems.

Dyna-Wipes for Boaters was created to be America’s #1 boat cleaning wipe, here’s why;

Dyna-Wipes for Boaters will make your cleaning jobs quick, easy and enjoyable. 

It cleans power cables, scuff marks, floor soils and spots, skis, fish odors, winter dirt and scum, ice chests, vinyl upholstery, leather seats, boat exhausts, messes around stoves and sinks, dirt streaks, and of course those dirty fenders!

Storage space is a huge issue on any boat, and our boaters wipes is all you’ll need in one convenient container. Another great benefit is how it cleans the oil and grease off your hands after working on your boat’s engine or motor.

Dyna-Wipes for Boaters leaves a fresh clean scent on your hands as well as helps deodorize your boat which comes in handy after filling up at the gas station.

Why settle for anything but the best cleaner for your boat and hands! Once you try them you won’t go anywhere without them.

Dyna-Wipes for Boaters is The Boaters Wipe!